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May 11th, 2022

It's about time to open the next chapter in our lives that brings us again far away from home - and most likely out of our comfort zone as well. The COVID restrictions are lifting and limitations diminishing to the most extent (not speaking about freight and flight expenses, they are sky rocketing). So be curious what's next and check out this page in the coming months to see where we are heading...

Apologies for English speaking visitors that all previous stories are written in German but the author promises to continue in a more international language...

Die G219 im Tibet: Entlang der s├╝dchinesischen Grenze zur├╝ck in den Westen (2013)

Dec. 2nd, '17

After a long break we enjoyed again a real nice 4x4 adventure but due to limited time available, we chose to rent an adequate vehicle. Sad to leave our old travel buddy at home but at least we did not abandon the brand Toyota.

But not only the car is different, this time we had a third team member on board - our 18 month old son! Let's say it's an experiment to find out his level of enthusiasm for road trips. And for us it was the first glimpse of Africa. Who knows, perhaps this might become the next destination of a longer journey? And of course, we wanted to escape the cold winter and enjoy warm weather.

Here the link to the (German) Diary Namibia and the speciifc Country Information.

Oct. 5th, '13

We are back in Switzerland after incredible 15 month of travelling and park our mobile home in the garage, changing it with a regular home. After sleeping the very last night on the Fischers Fritz Camping in Zurich and a warm welcome by our family and friends we parked the car in front of the sublet apartment and it felt like - we were just away for groceries shopping. Odd, the least to say about our feelings when we entered our 5 rooms flat after living in a car for so long. Why would we need so much space?

So all relevant authorities are informed we are back. Car is ready again for Swiss traffic and "normal" life resumes.

We've travelled through 29 countries from Zurich to Singapore and all the way back in 15 months. We drove 70'000 km's through deserts, tropical forests, mountains as high as you can imagine, remote and most densely populated areas, never had serious issues, never felt being threatened or asked for baksheesh (ok, we just pretended not to understand if so) and never got really sick. It felt like the perfect experience. It felt like the perfect flow. It was simply incredible.

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